Interiors in Oil

Pieces are priced by size: 10″x10″ are $150, 18″x18″ are $450, 30″x30″ are $1500 , 30″x36-40″ are $1750.

This work is oil on linen, sold un-framed.

Summer Sofa. 30”x36” oil on linen. On hold.
36″x30″, oil on linen. The license I’ve taken with the accuracy of the space make them truer to me. The light building in through the windows and doorway breaks down some forms and solidifies others. The almost monochromatic palette borrows from the winter landscape. It conjures the deep quiet of a snow-filled woodland.
The Kitchen Door. 30”x40”, oil on linen. On hold.
Little Wood Hen: 10″x10″
Honeysuckle: 30″x30″
The Blue Chair: 36″x30″
Hydrangeas: 30″x30″
The Red Blanket: 18″x18″
Breakfast: 40″x30″