Landscapes in Oil


Camp in the Woods. 14”x18”

Pieces are priced by size: 14″x18″ and 18″x18″ are $575, 30″x30″ are $1600, 30″x36-40″ are $1850. This work is oil on linen on 1-1/2” deep stretchers, un-framed.

Vernal Pool – 1
oil on linen


Night Harvest – 1. 36”x36” oil on linen.
Vernal Pool – 3 36”x30” oil on linen
Night Harvest – 3. 36”x36” oil on linen


Vernal Pool – 2 36”x30” oil on linen


Red Maples – 1 30”x36”, oil on linen


Spring Boardwalk. 18”x18” oil on linen.


Red Maples – 2. 30”x30” oil on linen.


Snow Garden. 30”x36” oil on linen.


Late Apple Blossoms: 36″x36″


Signpost 11: 36″x36″


Night Harvest – 2. 36”x36” oil on linen
Beaver Pond: 14”x18” – sold