Landscapes in Oil

Lake Evening, 30”x30”


Heading South off Penobscot. 30”x30” oil on linen.


Fall Huckleberries. 18”x14”


Camp in the Woods. 14”x18”


Otter Cliffs. 36”x36” oil on linen.

Pieces are priced by size: 14″x18″ are $450, 18″x18″ are $500, 30″x30″ are $1500, 30″x36-40″ are $1750. This work is oil on linen, sold un-framed.

Sea Green Sky. 36”x36” oil on linen.


Spring Boardwalk. 18”x18” oil on linen.


Little Long Pond Nightscape. 36”x36” oil on linen

    Late Winter. 36”x36” oil on linen. Sold.


Snow Garden. 30”x36” oil on linen.


Carriage Road Bridge. 18”x18”.


Witch Hole Pond Reflected. Oil on linen, 36”x36”.


Late Apple Blossoms: 36″x36″



Signpost 11: 36″x36″



At the Great Meadow: 18″x18″


Moose Island Woods: 36″x36″


Duck Brook Road: 36″x36″. Sold.
Beaver Pond: 14”x18” – sold